Donation to Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue

Meet sweet Poppy Pop! We read about her yesterday on Instagram when she was going in for a dental and evaluation and knew she had to be our latest micro-grant!

Sadly, we read the update here on Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue’s Instagram: “Yesterday we found out our sweet foster Polly Pop’s growth is a squamous cell carcinoma and she also has a large melanoma on her tongue. In order to remove it would require radical surgery which would be removal of most of her lower jaw and over half of her tongue. This would be an extensive surgery even for a younger dog with no absolute guarantee. Due to Polly’s age we made the decision to support her with medications and expert holistic therapy from our favorite Dr. Simone Lemieux Pets In Balance Mobile Acupuncture. She isn’t in any pain and is a happy girl! We will support and love her for her remaining days. Opting to choose quality over quantity is often a difficult choice but it is what we are suppose to for the ones we love. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to ask about, prayed for, and donated to our sweet Polly Pop.”

We’ve donated $150 toward her care and will be sending lots of loving thoughts her way in the interim. Isn’t she charming? Read more about Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue’s work here.

Pigs, Pugs & Pinot Gratitude

Thank you for joining us for the SOLD OUT Pigs, Pugs & Pinot last weekend!

A BIG thanks to Tyber Creek for hosting us, Humane Rescue Alliance for partnering with us (two pups got new homes), and Charlotte of Life with Pigs for gracing us with her tutued presence.

We LOVED being with you {+ your adorable furry friends} and so appreciate your support in person AND in spirit!

Because of YOU, we raised $1299 and have donated $900 to Life with Pigs Farm Sanctuary and $400 to Homeward Bound Pug Rescue.

Below you’ll find an assortment of our photos. Share yours using #pigspugsproject. Oh, and here’s a fun video from the day!

We look forward to seeing you at June’s Yoga + the Animals and at Pugs & Pints coming to a local brewery this fall. Stay tuned by joining our newsletter.

Thank you again for supporting our mission to make the lives of pigs and pugs happier!

Donation to PugHearts of Houston

Meet sweet baby Glory! She’s the recipient of our latest $150 micro-grant, six months old, and cute as a button. Sadly, she was severely neglected and, since making her way to PugHearts, is on the road to recovery.

Here’s one of their Instagram updates: “She is holding her own. She is moving back to our primary vet this morning.
Body Temperature, Blood pressure and Blood sugars are holding in the normal ranges
She tried to chew on her IV catheter, so now in a cone.
She has a fractured femoral head on the right rear leg (FHO will happen in the future)
Her left rear leg has a patella out of place and swollen (suspect trauma)
She has pneumonia
She has demodex with a severe secondary infection
She will lose one eye and has limited sight and severe dry eye in the other.
She is severely underweight
She is septic
She is anemic and did receive a blood transfusion last night.
She is a fighter and we will help and support her through it all.
She is so small and so young. Glory has been through TOO MUCH in her short life.
PugHearts and Glory so appreciate all the love, prayers and support (emotionally and financially) that you all are sending her.”

Follow Glory’s story and support her recovery with PugHearts. We’re already in love!

Donation to The Pig Preserve

When we read about Poppy at The Pig Preserve, we knew we had to help and she’s the latest recipient of a Pigs & Pugs Project $150 micro-grant.

Here’s her story: “She was seized from an abusive home during a cruelty case. Her owner would put her out into the fenced yard every day and shoot her with bb guns (he is currently serving a 6-year sentence). She was terrified of people, had broken skin and weakness in her rear end. She was placed in a rescue where vets tried unsuccessfully to treat her. It was recommended she be euthanized but the rescue looked for alternatives, knowing she deserved every chance. They asked if we could help, knowing our pigs have a lot of freedom here and she could take as long as she needs to heal. We have had her seen by two vets, tried several different treatments and she did improve. The weakness disappeared, her skin started healing up, but there was an “L” shaped patch that just wouldn’t close. We have started using a natural honey paste, and over the last couple weeks, look at the difference! Under the flakes, new healthy pink skin is showing, instead of angry broken patches! We are so excited about her progress! During all this, she’s also decided that she can be friendly with us! We love her sweet spirit!” 

And so do WE! Here’s the update we just received on her:

“She is a sweet and loving little pig and we are so happy that she is finally responding both to the medical treatment but also the time and love we have spent with her trying to rebuild her trust in humans. Her progress has been slow but remarkably steady and she has really come around a great deal in the time she has been here. Now that she is living with several other pigs her own size and age, she seems extremely happy. Despite the hell of her earlier life, we know that she will be safe, loved and happy for the rest of her life.”

We visited The Pig Preserve in 2016 and it’s a stunning setting for these beautiful pigs. They’re currently hosting an Indiegogo campaign and you can learn more here.

Donation to Gracie’s Acres

Meet Chanchito of Gracie’s Acres in Tennessee. This sweet boy was a stray who had been attacked by dogs and required emergency veterinary care. He’s now a three-legged pig in good care. They named him Chanchito because, according to their Facebook page, “Chanchitos are good luck charms in Chile. Chanchitos can be seen hanging in homes, restaurants and shops. Bringing a sense of comfort. A three legged pig being able to stand is a sign that he/she must be lucky.”

We donated a $100 micro-grant to contribute to his recovery. You got this, Chanchito!