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Pigs and Pugs Project
We're excited to return to our offering events in Washington, DC: a spring Pugs in Paris event at a French
Our hearts go out to all those impacted by the devastating wildfires in Maui. Pigs and Pugs Project is honored
Annually Pigs & Pugs Project donates five to six thousand dollars in $100 to $1000 micro-grants to a variety of
As of August 2023, Pigs & Pugs Project has made 14 micro-grants totaling $4,400 to a variety of pig sanctuaries
Fun Facts About Pigs 1. Pigs are the fourth most intelligent animal (after chimps, dolphins, and elephants). Yes, even smarter
Pigs & Pugs was so delighted to discover Safe in Austin, a Texas sanctuary that rescues animals from severe abuse
$300 to Sleepy Pig Farm Animal Sanctuary for their rescue of Jovie (shown below), her two siblings, and mama $250
Did you know November was National Adopt a Senior Pet Month? Over here, we're HUGE fans of senior pets and
This summer we donated: $250 to Pug Queen to help with Willa's surgery $100 to Full Circle Farm Sanctuary for
This spring we donated: $500 to Pacific Pug Rescue to help with the rescue of sweet senior Pearl. $250 to
Pug Rescue of Austin shared the following on their Instagram page: Barclay was found about 6 weeks ago south of
While our primary mission is supporting pig sanctuaries and pug rescues, we felt compelled to respond to the crisis in
To help spread the holiday cheer, we made these donations to a few of our favorite pug rescues and pig