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Why Pigs?

Did you know that pigs are intelligent and have complex and clever, even humorous, ideas? They’re said to be the fifth most intelligent animal in the world and we agree!

Sadly, the short life of a pig in our modern agricultural system is disheartening and difficult given common practices which include cutting off part of the animalโ€™s tail (docking), and housing them in crowded conditions with no bedding, devoid of any enrichment for these smart and sensitive animals.

But what about pet pigs? You may have read about or known someone who has experience with a companion pig โ€“ most often a potbelly pig. Although so-called “teacup pigs” have seen a surge in popularity, they tend to grow to a two to three hundred pounds of teacup cuteness.

Since pigs are so completely adorable, many people buy or adopt them with the best of intentions to provide love and care for the animal but are unfortunately uninformed about their intense needs. Their curiosity and intelligence, combined with their territoriality and the difficulty of keeping them in smaller urban or suburban spaces, means there has been an increase in the number of pigs relinquished to shelters and rescues. Pigs require long-term specialized care and provide a lifetime of love.

Learn more about these beautiful beings by visiting them at one of the many sanctuaries and consider sponsoring or adopting one of your own. We love supporting their work through micro-grants.

Take a look at our pig sanctuary directory.