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Pig Sanctuary Directory

Pigs, with their intelligent eyes, playful antics, and undeniable charisma, have a special place in our heart. Sensitive and clever, pigs often find themselves in need of rescue, sanctuary, and compassion due to neglect, abandonment, or being saved from the meat industry. Whether they’re potbellied companions or larger breeds, every pig deserves a life filled with care, mud puddles, and belly rubs. In this directory, we’ve brought together a curated list of pig sanctuaries across the US, committed to offering a forever home and refuge to these wonderful beings. Whether you aim to adopt, sponsor, volunteer, or support through donations, this guide will direct you to a sanctuary working tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of pigs. If you know of a sanctuary not on this list, please let us know at!

Whispering Rise (Maryland)
Pigs Peace (Washington)
Pigs (West Virginia)
Pigs Preserve (Tennesse)
Ironwood Pig Sanctuary (Arizona)
Broken Pig Ranch (Arizona)
Mini Pig Info
Cuddly Critters (California)
Little Orphan Hammies (California)
Belly Draggers (California)
Grazin Pigs Acres (California)
Penelope’s Purpose (California)
Potbelly Pig Rescue (California)
Piggy Pals (California)
Pigasus (Colorado)
Hog Haven Farm (Colorado)
Rooterville (Florida)
The Pig Pen (Florida)
Noah’s Ark (Florida)
Swine Society (Florida)
Wallow in the Woods (Georgia)
JKL Potbelly Pig Rescue (Indiana)
Pig Trails (Kentucky)
Brock Lee’s Pig Sanctuary (Louisiana)
When Pigs Fly (Maryland)
Curly Tails Pig Rescue (Mississippi)
Vegas Pig Pets (Nevada)
Hippie Pig Sanctuary (New Mexico)
Camp Skipping Pig (New York)
Pot Belly Acres (New York)
Potbelly Pig Sanctuary (New York)
Hamalot Potbelly Pig Rescue (Oklahoma)
Baxter Potbelly Pig Rescue (Oregon)
Ross Mill Farm (Pennsylvania)
Hog Heaven (Pennsylvania)
Smith & Agli’s Potbelly Manor (Rhode Island)
Central TX Pig Rescue (Texas)
The White Pig (Virginia)
Gratitude Gate (Pennsylvania)