Thank you for joining us!

Thank you for joining us in person or in spirit last Thursday for the showing of The Last Pig. It was a true honor to have your support and the presence of Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary and Ryan Phillips and his beloved pig Charlotte.
Here’s a brief blog post about the evening, a few photos, and the video of the Q+A: 

Thanks for your GREAT questions! 
After the film I received this email from a participant that perfectly topped off the evening: 

My takeaways are that I want to give up eating any fish at all, I would like to be more vocal about animal-rights causes, I would like to support farmer’s markets, and I would like to be more like you and Gene (i.e., contribute to a greater good more often). Overall, thanks again!  Keep spreading this important message!  After all, we humans are just like pigs, if we could just get past that mental electrical fence we created… perhaps the rest of the herd might follow… 

As I mentioned, our next gathering is at Burleigh Manor Animal Sanctuary in Ellicott City, Maryland for Yoga + the Animals. We’re half full, so grab your ticket soon if you’d like to join! 

Thank you again for your support. May all beings everywhere be happy and free.

Donation to Pug Rescue of Austin

Meet Dexter, our latest $100 micro grant to Pug Rescue of Austin. A former stray with mange, he’s now on the “road to recovery and loving life” after “six eye medications, one injectable antibiotic, one oral antibiotic, one oral antifungal, an oral antiparasitic, multiple ophthalmologist consults, deworming, antibiotic ear packing, medicated baths every two to three days, skin balm and lots of pajamas, tshirts, fleece blankets, soft beds, dental chews, lots of love, hugs and kisses” per the rescue. We think he’s adorable and are so grateful for the work of Austin’s Pug Rescue in nursing him back to health. You can follow his progress on their Instagram feed.

Donation to Isabella the Pig

Meet Isabella! Lorelei Pulliam of Gallastar in Ottoway, Virginia has rescued Isabella from a hoarding case. She has issues with her back legs and needs to go to the University of Tennessee for a spay and X-rays. We’ve donated $50 towards Isabella’s care. You can learn more about Lorelei’s work on her Facebook page.

Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue Donation

Meet Squirt from Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue. While scrolling through Instagram, I came across this post and knew he had to be our next pug donation:

“This little guy is Squirt and he came to us as an owner surrender with severe muscle loss in his back end and luxating patella of both back knees. He has been undergoing hydrotherapy, laser treatments, and acupuncture to regain some of his muscle and prepare him for upcoming knee surgery. Squirt has now started using the deck steps at his foster home, although he prefers to be carried and will usually sit at the bottom and whine until someone feels sorry for him! Squirt is the epitome of a little old man. He gets along with everyone, young and old. He also gets along with all the dogs in his foster home, both large and small. Squirt is a couch potato and loves to cuddle with his foster family. He enjoys quiet naps, snacks, and more naps. Squirt is crate trained but would much rather be lounging on the sofa or in the people bed. He is housebroken aside from the occasional accident. Squirt is currently on medical hold awaiting knee surgery and will be undergoing more therapy to regain his strength and mobility once he recovers from surgery. We will continue to update with his progress. In the meantime, Squirt would be truly grateful for some donations to help cover some of his hefty medical bills.”

We donated $50 toward his care. You can learn more about Squirt and other available pugs in the mid-atlantic region here. We’re rooting for you Squirt!