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Donation to Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue

Meet sweet Poppy Pop! We read about her yesterday on Instagram when she was going in for a dental and evaluation and knew she had to be our latest micro-grant!

Sadly, we read the update here on Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue’s Instagram: “Yesterday we found out our sweet foster Polly Pop’s growth is a squamous cell carcinoma and she also has a large melanoma on her tongue. In order to remove it would require radical surgery which would be removal of most of her lower jaw and over half of her tongue. This would be an extensive surgery even for a younger dog with no absolute guarantee. Due to Polly’s age we made the decision to support her with medications and expert holistic therapy from our favorite Dr. Simone Lemieux Pets In Balance Mobile Acupuncture. She isn’t in any pain and is a happy girl! We will support and love her for her remaining days. Opting to choose quality over quantity is often a difficult choice but it is what we are suppose to for the ones we love. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to ask about, prayed for, and donated to our sweet Polly Pop.”

We’ve donated $150 toward her care and will be sending lots of loving thoughts her way in the interim. Isn’t she charming? Read more about Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue’s work here.