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Donation to PugHearts of Houston

Meet sweet baby Glory! She’s the recipient of our latest $150 micro-grant, six months old, and cute as a button. Sadly, she was severely neglected and, since making her way to PugHearts, is on the road to recovery.

Here’s one of their Instagram updates: “She is holding her own. She is moving back to our primary vet this morning.
Body Temperature, Blood pressure and Blood sugars are holding in the normal ranges
She tried to chew on her IV catheter, so now in a cone.
She has a fractured femoral head on the right rear leg (FHO will happen in the future)
Her left rear leg has a patella out of place and swollen (suspect trauma)
She has pneumonia
She has demodex with a severe secondary infection
She will lose one eye and has limited sight and severe dry eye in the other.
She is severely underweight
She is septic
She is anemic and did receive a blood transfusion last night.
She is a fighter and we will help and support her through it all.
She is so small and so young. Glory has been through TOO MUCH in her short life.
PugHearts and Glory so appreciate all the love, prayers and support (emotionally and financially) that you all are sending her.”

Follow Glory’s story and support her recovery with PugHearts. We’re already in love!