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Meet Koda

Meet our latest $250 micro-grant recipient, Koda, from Sisu Refuge. Below is their announcement of her and we’re in love. Follow her adventures on Instagram and Facebook.

Koda is just five days old and barely over three pounds, making her the youngest and tiniest resident at Sisu Refuge. 🥺
She was born a few days ago, and was the only surviving piglet from the litter. 💔 The mom, who was most likely grieving the tragic loss, rejected her only baby. The farmer gave Koda to his son and then the son reached out to us.
Koda is spunky and has more energy and sass than any piglet we have ever seen!
Her umbilical cord just came off this weekend and revealed a very small hernia that we addressed with our vet. For now, we are getting her settled and trying to shift her to pan-feeding before setting an appointment. Piglets this young are very fragile and require around the clock care … so we have been doing feedings every 2 hours and she moved in to our bedroom.
Prepare to fall in love, because this little one is a firecracker – 10 pounds of sass in 3 pounds of piglet! She even swiped me when I tried to move her yesterday!😆😳