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Micro-Grant Love

Over the past few months we’ve contributed to four organizations in need and you’ll find more about them below. Thanks for your support and please check out these safe spaces for pigs and pugs.

Indraloka $200 to help get Duncan a lift!

Here’s Duncan’s story from Indraloka’s Facebook page (shown in the photo): “Duncan is a sweet, intelligent, and emotional fellow who graciously accepts any kind of love and attention you are willing to give him. But as Duncan enters his elderly years, he is succumbing to a medical condition many of us are familiar with as we age- arthritis. Duncan struggles with pain in his back legs and has trouble getting up and down. It often takes several caregivers to help him to his feet- he is 600 pounds, after all! Sometimes, it’s a difficult task to help him up, and sometimes, he very vocally fights us, because the pain is just too much. But once he is able to stand, there is no stopping him! Duncan loves to take walks around his pasture, visit his other pig friends next door, cool off in his wallow, and perhaps his most favorite activity of all: pumpkin and pineapple parties. Despite his pain, we know Duncan still has a vibrant, happy life.

But the process of getting him up several times a day to help stimulate blood flow to his legs is not only time-consuming but also not always successful. So, we have decided the best path forward is to purchase a $2,000 lift to help Duncan to his feet. This lift is placed under his back hips to help relieve the pressure so it is easier for him to stand. With this lift, a single caregiver can help get Duncan out of his hay bed and move around the pasture. So far, it has been a wonderful tool for the caregivers and will continue to benefit everyone at Indraloka, because we can use it for other animals who may have similar needs in the future.”

Heartwood Haven $100 to help keep their pigs dry.

Sleepy Pig Farm Sanctuary $100 to help them with a pig rescue.

Paws 4 a Cure $100 to help a pug in need.