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Donation to Outsiders Farm

We donated $100 to support Naomi’s care.

Outsiders Farm and Sanctuary wrote on Instagram: When Naomi came to us in June she was very underweight from just having a litter and not getting proper nutrition while nursing. When we administered Lutalyse in June, she was too far along to successfully terminate the pregnancy. Since then we have taken great care to get her properly fed and back to a healthy weight, very unsuccessfully. The vets best guess at how we got here was that Naomi remained pregnant and the piglets she was carrying were sucking away any nutrients she was given. When it came time for her to delivery. She simply was not strong enough.

After getting a full exam today and an ultrasound they confirmed the following:
-Naomi does have an infection and is running a high fever. She is very warm and will be fighting off Mastitis on top of her Uterine infection.
-Naomi does have atleast one deceased piglet inside of her.
-Naomi’s weepy eye is actually three corneal ulcers.

The best course of treatment is to do a c-section/spay and remove her infected organ and decaying piglets. Naomi is not a good candidate for surgery. She weighs only 39 pounds and that is very underweight. They’ve sent us home with eye ointment, antibiotics, pain medication, and Lutalyse to try and expel the tissue inside her uterus and some of the infection. We are on the schedule Thursday to have a spay done on her. It will be risky, but she needs to have this done to be better. Hopefully the few days of antibiotics and pain meds will start the healing process and get her feeling better. She is just exhausted after the trip to the vet. We have moved her inside and will be giving her a lot of extra TLC to get her through.

Update: It appears she got through surgery and is on the mend. Yay Naomi, we’re rooting for you! You can learn more about Outsiders on Facebook and Instagram.