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Working with aspiring female political leaders

Last week, Tranquil Space Foundation volunteers lead our signature program, Tranquil Teens: Stretch Yourself to a fantastic group of young women leaders!

The group was Running Start – which inspires young women and girls to run for political office. The girls attending our workshop were in town for Running Start’s Young Women’s Political Leadership Retreat. The 50 amazing retreat attendants were chosen from a huge pool of accomplished young leaders. Watch this video about their retreat program from 2008.

Leading the girls through yoga poses, their thoughts on leadership, and inner creativity exercises, the participant’s energy noticeably relaxed. The Running Start girls are incredibly ambitious at an early age, so this Tranquil Teens workshop helped them to tune into their inner voices and just *breathe*.

A sampling of thoughts from their evaluations…

“You all were phenomenal! i came dreading the yoga and left wishing that i could do it every day.”

“Thank you for opening my eyes. you might have brought the ‘me’ i lost back.”

“The very beginning was my favorite because it allowed me to relax and let all the hype and tension from the day dissipate.”

Learn more about Running Start and the fabulous things they are doing to bring more young women to politics.

If you know of a group of girls or a partner that would benefit from a Tranquil Teens workshop, please contact us!