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just five more minutes

Sandcastle by Sarah G....

When you were a kid, summer was the best thing to happen to you all year.  As the school year slowed to its last few days, momentum would build until at last, that final bus ride home ended with a seemingly endless number of endless days to spend just as you pleased, without a care in the world.  That you would eventually have to return to school in a matter of weeks was irrelevant, and even more so, forgotten.  Days were filled with exploration, creativity, and the occasional bout of boredom, but nevertheless, each day was its own adventure.  Unfortunately, with age comes responsibility, and hopefully, also employment, and those long, lazy days of summer are increasingly spent in much the same way as a day in any other season.  While it’s unlikely that many of us can leave our cares behind for 8 to 9 weeks at a time, we can make the most of the time we do have to relax and to take up new adventures.  Whether it’s a long weekend spent at home or a few weeks at a luxurious escape, allow yourself to be as present in the moment as you would have been as a child.  If you spent all your time building a sandcastle thinking about how the tide would eventually wash it away, why would you bother?  Because it’s fun in the moment, and what may happen tomorrow doesn’t matter right now.  Your email, voice mail, and online “status” will be there later.  Dive in, kick back, let go, and when you start begging yourself for “just five more minutes,” say yes.