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Your Dream Team

Our TSF TranquilTeens program encourages the girls who participate in our programs to seek mentors and guides as a way to blossom mindfully into adulthood.

As business owners, yogis, employees, employers, partners, significant others, friends – we too need support.

A wonderful way to build more support for the goals in your life is to reflect on your “dream team.” If you could pick anyone, alive or dead, to be on your dream team, who would you have join you?

Going even further, what are some of the qualities of people you would like on your dream team? For me, they would be: openness, compassion, innovation, ambition, creativity, joy, playfulness, authenticity, honesty, empowerment, nurturing, intuitive, daring, fulfilled, and happy, among others…

This weekend, try envisioning your dream team that will help you achieve your personal or professional goals, and see what comes up for you. You might discover an abundance of resources, reconnect with an old friend, or make a surprising new connection!