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Developing your inner voice

The central purpose of Tranquil Space Foundation is to expand opportunities for girls to develop their inner voice.

How often do you listen to your inner voice? Do you remember what your inner voice sounds like? Here are some tips for getting back in touch with your authentic self…


Yoga: Practicing yoga will help you get out of your head and move into your body. By moving out of your head where inner critics and your to-do list may lie, you can listen to your breath, the way your body moves, and the good sensations you feel after your practice. Ten minutes of yoga in the morning at home can be a great way to start your day meaningfully and in touch with your inner voice.


Meditation: Many people think they need to find the time for a long, sustained meditation in the perfect quiet environment. The truth is that since we live in a city, there may not be a serenely silent spot to meditate; and even five minutes of meditation can be beneficial for getting in touch with your inner voice. Try practicing one of Kimberly Wilson’s favorite meditation techniques: inhale, say “let”, then exhale, say “go” inside your head. You can do this throughout the day on the bus, at work, or in your living room.


Journaling: Every time you take the time to journal, you are signaling to yourself that your inner voice is important. Buy yourself a journal with a gorgeous cover, and just get writing! Five minutes in the morning, mid-day, and a longer reflection in the evening can do wonders for prioritizing and identifying your inner voice.


What about you? How do you get in touch with your inner voice?