You’re Invited: Pugs & Pints

Pigs and Pugs Project

Join Pigs & Pugs Project  for an afternoon of sipping locally made craft beers in the beer garden with your favorite pug* . . . and for a good cause.

Your $20 Pugs & Pints ticket includes a pint of beer, vegan treats for you (and your pup), lawn games, and a reusable Pigs & Pugs Project tote. All proceeds will go toward micro-grants that support pug rescues in need.
What: Pugs & Pints
When: Sunday, October 7, 1-3PM
Where: Denizens Brewing Co. | 1115 East West Highway, Silver Spring, MD
How: Metro, Bus, Bike, or Drive. A 10-minute walk from the Silver Spring Metro on the Red Line | On the 18 and 8 WMTA Bus Lines

*All pug-friendly, mostly well-behaved breeds welcome!

Donation to Pig Advocates {Pigs in Need}

Pig Advocates League is the latest recipient of a $250 micro-grant from Pigs & Pugs Project. They are currently helping with a heartbreaking situation in Kentucky.

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife has taken custody of 458 mini pigs in Pendleton County, Kentucky.  We have been given a very limited amount of time to place this pigs into new homes, foster homes, and rescues. Any pigs not placed will end up euthanized. Atti’s Acres has been the sanctuary closest in location to these pigs and has been helping around the clock to save these pigs.

Pig Advocates League, along with Cotton Branch Farm Sanctuary, Ziggy’s Refuge, Red Oak Animal Rescue (ROAR), and Esther’s Army have teamed up with Atti’s Acres to save as many of these animals as possible.

The state of Kentucky is requiring all pigs going to private homes and fosters to be spayed/neutered prior to leaving.  All pigs must be micro-chipped and if leaving the state have a valid health certificate.  The cost of this mission is going to be astronomical, both in money and man-power.

Here are some ways you can help:

ADOPT! We need homes for as many as possible! We are also looking for rescues/sanctuaries that can provide temporary holding for pigs going to homes. If you are able to help, please complete an adoption/foster application here.

•VOLUNTEER! We need help on the scene, and behind the scenes. The volunteer form can be found here.

•DRIVE TRANSPORT! Anyone willing to transport pigs, via crates or trailers, please complete our transport volunteer form here.

•DONATE today! We can only save those we can have vetted, spayed/neutered, and transported. Donations can be sent via PayPal to or by clicking the Donate button at the bottom of this page.

Donation to Three Pug Rescues

Last month we watched as a rescue of nearly 30 pugs from a Mississippi backyard breeder took place. To help support their efforts, we donated $100 to Pug Hearts of Houston (top photo showing the rescued pugs heading to safety), $100 to Dallas Pug Rescue (second photo showing more of the rescued pugs), and $100 to Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue (third photo showing Cherokee’s improvement after some TLC).

Here’s what Pug Hearts wrote about the rescue on their Facebook page:

Most emotional for all of us, PugHearts sent a team of ladies to Mississippi to help in the closure of a breeding facility. I did not take the journey with them…but I was there in my heart and mind every step of the way.
You see, I have been in this situation before and I had my suspicions of what they would deal with. 
These ladies are HEROES and they deserve all of our appreciation.
This is not a comment on the owner or the dogs, just my opinions. 
No one…I do not care who you are….can adequately care for 30+ animals living in an outdoor “enclosure”. It cannot be done. 
So, I knew the pugs (and 2 Frenchie we brought back to Short Mugs Rescue) would be dirty, have poop covered feet, fleas and/or ticks and multiple medical issues that required urgent care. 
I was not wrong. 
As I was not there and I will not make comments about this location or owner….I will simply tell you what these ladies brought back to Houston. 
Memories of this experience that will be remembered forever and will change how they look at and feel about rescue for as long as they live.
PugHearts brought back 6 Pugs in need of: 
Baths….multiple needed for each pug as they were filthy 
Dentals on all 6
Spays for the 5 females and a neuter for the male
One untreated snake bite from several months/a year ago
Long nails
Ear infections
One ruptured eye
Skin infections
Quality food….the gas in the car was beyond words to describe (so I am told)
***Time, patience, housebreaking and trust. These will take the longest and will be the hardest for these pugs to accept.***
Why do we do this? 
Why do we ask for funds to help?
Because the pugs did not choose this. 
Because the pugs deserve better (as do all dogs)
Because it is simply the right thing to do
Because we mean it when we say…….
A gentle reminder to please support your local pug rescues. They’re doing great work!

Donation to Outsiders Farm

We donated $100 to support Naomi’s care.

Outsiders Farm and Sanctuary wrote on Instagram: When Naomi came to us in June she was very underweight from just having a litter and not getting proper nutrition while nursing. When we administered Lutalyse in June, she was too far along to successfully terminate the pregnancy. Since then we have taken great care to get her properly fed and back to a healthy weight, very unsuccessfully. The vets best guess at how we got here was that Naomi remained pregnant and the piglets she was carrying were sucking away any nutrients she was given. When it came time for her to delivery. She simply was not strong enough.

After getting a full exam today and an ultrasound they confirmed the following:
-Naomi does have an infection and is running a high fever. She is very warm and will be fighting off Mastitis on top of her Uterine infection.
-Naomi does have atleast one deceased piglet inside of her.
-Naomi’s weepy eye is actually three corneal ulcers.

The best course of treatment is to do a c-section/spay and remove her infected organ and decaying piglets. Naomi is not a good candidate for surgery. She weighs only 39 pounds and that is very underweight. They’ve sent us home with eye ointment, antibiotics, pain medication, and Lutalyse to try and expel the tissue inside her uterus and some of the infection. We are on the schedule Thursday to have a spay done on her. It will be risky, but she needs to have this done to be better. Hopefully the few days of antibiotics and pain meds will start the healing process and get her feeling better. She is just exhausted after the trip to the vet. We have moved her inside and will be giving her a lot of extra TLC to get her through.

Update: It appears she got through surgery and is on the mend. Yay Naomi, we’re rooting for you! You can learn more about Outsiders on Facebook and Instagram.

Donation to Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Meet potbelly pigs Leroy, Oscar, and Lola. They came from a severe neglect and hoarding case and are now safely living at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.

Unfortunately, they were left to eat themselves sick with improper diets of cake, dog food, and table scraps. All three are “mechanically blind,” meaning that they are so overweight that they cannot see. Oscar and Lola are having difficulty walking, and poor Leroy can’t even get up.

These sweet beings will now get the love and attention they need to heal at Woodstock through medical attention and lifelong sanctuary care. We donated $250 toward their care and look forward to watching their progression.

Learn more about these cuties here.