Donation to Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Meet potbelly pigs Leroy, Oscar, and Lola. They came from a severe neglect and hoarding case and are now safely living at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.

Unfortunately, they were left to eat themselves sick with improper diets of cake, dog food, and table scraps. All three are “mechanically blind,” meaning that they are so overweight that they cannot see. Oscar and Lola are having difficulty walking, and poor Leroy can’t even get up.

These sweet beings will now get the love and attention they need to heal at Woodstock through medical attention and lifelong sanctuary care. We donated $250 toward their care and look forward to watching their progression.

Learn more about these cuties here.

Donation to Homeward Bound Pug Rescue

Meet Gus, isn’t he ADORABLE? He’s an owner surrender to Homeward Bound Pug Rescue in Oklahoma due to the onset of seizures. He’s getting medicine for them and they are under control for now. Gus’ platelets and red blood cells are very low and he needs an MRI to diagnose the issue.

They wrote on their Instagram page: “I have so much love to give! My foster mom is going to set up a GoFundMe campaign soon to help with the cost of the MRI. She really wants to save my life, and I’m so happy she loves me so much. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go chew on her new shoes and poop on her kitchen floor. Love and puppy kisses, Gus. XOXOXO ❤🐾🐾 PS: If you want to donate now, you can PayPal to and put my name in the memo. ”

We donated $600 to Gus’ care and you can donate and learn more about the work of Homeward Bound Pug Rescue here.

Donation to PugHearts of Houston

Meet Melody. According to PugHearts of Houston, she was found on a road near Dallas sitting in the pouring rain with a broken pelvis, femur, a dislocated hip, and other issues.

Four days ago she just went through her first surgery (note scar from femur surgery) which cost $1600 and there are more to come.

The photo below is her today. She’s looking better and we have high hopes for her recovery. Today we donated $100 toward her care. Follow her progress on PugHearts’ Instagram and donations can be made here.

Yoga + the Animals

On Saturday we hosted our third annual Yoga + the Animals event at Burleigh Manor Animal Sanctuary. Below are photos from this year and previous years at the sanctuary.

The gathering began with vegan treats and iced peppermint tea, followed by a one-hour yoga practice led by me, Kimberly Wilson, on the grass under a big oak tree.

After enjoying an all-level flow, participants started the one-hour tour to meet Jack the 43-year-old donkey, Gretta the noisy goose, Mabel the pretty pink pig (my favorite), and more.

Next we headed to the pool house to enjoy a homemade vegan couscous salad, freshly-cut fruit infused with mint, hummus and pita, and vegan cupcakes.

We raised $1600 for Burleigh Manor. This helps cover the care and feeding of one pig (hello, Mabel) and three chickens for an entire year.

We raised $600 for Pigs & Pugs Project. This helps support our microgrant giving to pug rescues and pig sanctuaries.

Thank you for generosity and support! We hope to see you next year for our fourth annual Yoga + the Animals gathering.

Donation to Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue

Meet Tank, our latest $50 micro-grant recipient. He’s a spunky 12-year-old who just made his way to Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue and needed an eye removed. The surgery was successful and, after a few weeks of recovery, he’ll be looking for his forever home.

Learn more about Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue and put in an application here. Thank you for supporting pug rescues!