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Pug Rescue Directory

The pug, with its wrinkled brow, soulful eyes, and heartwarming snorts, has captured the hearts of many. Yet,  there are countless pugs in need of a forever home. Whether they’ve been surrendered, found wandering, or rescued from less than ideal conditions, every pug deserves a chance at love and a comfortable lap. Here, we’ve compiled a growing list of pug rescue organizations (mostly US – but let us know about international rescues and we’ll list them), dedicated to ensuring these affectionate, comical canines find the loving homes they truly deserve. Whether you’re looking to adopt, foster, volunteer, or donate, this resource will guide you to the right organization in your area. If you know of a pug rescue not on this list, please let us know at!

Church of Pug (Bellevue, WA)
Colorado Pug Rescue (Aurora, CO)
Compassionate Pug Rescue (Miami, FL)
Delaware Valley Pug Rescue (Avondale, PA)
El Paso Pug Rescue (El Paso, TX)
Green Mountain Pug Rescue (Mendon, VT)
Homeward Bound (Norman, OK)
Kentuckiana Pug Rescue (Indiana & Kentucky)
Michigan Pug Rescue (MI)
Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue (Mid Atlantic Region – MD, VA, DC, GA, NC, SC, TN)
MidSouth Pug Rescue (Cordova, TN)
Muffin Pug Rescue (Throughout UK)
Northern Illinois Pug Rescue & Adoption (Geneva, IL)
Ohio Pug Rescue (OH)
Pacific Pug Rescue (Tigard, OR)
Polar Pug Rescue (Anchorage, AK)
Pug Partners of Nebraska (Fort Calhoun, NE)
Pug Rescue of Florida (Windermere, FL)
Pug Rescue of New England (West Somerville, MA)
Pug Rescue of North Carolina (Summerfield, NC)
Pug Rescue of Northern California (Concord, CA)
Pugs & Pals of Southern CA (Newport Beach, CA)
Pugs U Gotta Save (P.U.G.S.) (Chesterfield, VA)
Wichita Pug Rescue (Wichita, KS)