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Early 2020 Micro-Grants

Between January and March we donated $550 to four organizations shown below to help with their rescue and veterinary needs. Especially now, there are so many pug rescues and pig sanctuaries in need and we’ll continue to offer support in the form of micro-grants. Learn more about their work below and thank you for being here!

$250 donated to PugHearts

This Houston pug rescue took in 10 pugs in one day last month, so we contributed to help cover their veterinary expenses.

$100 to Willa’s Pig Rescue

This organization saved Bertha (featured in above photo) the farm pig when all other rescues were busting at the seams and couldn’t take in a possible pregnant pig. They set up transport and a farm visit from their vet to do an ultrasound on her.

$100 to Outsiders Farm & Sanctuary

Recently an eviction of one woman in Upson county Georgia, led to the discovery of more than 80 pot-bellied pigs on her property that she had left behind to fend for themselves. Outsiders Farm & Sanctuary stepped up to help and received a micro-grant.

$100 to Betsy’s Barn Pig Rescue

This organization saved six pregnant sows from slaughter and needed help covering their veterinary bills.