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Donation to PugHearts of Houston

After seeing Vicente’s story on Instagram, we knew we wanted to contribute a $100 micro-grant to his recovery.

According to the PugHeart’s website, “Vicente is our newest south of the border baby. He is a 12 pound neutered fawn male. He’s at least 5 pounds underweight. We call him Guapo (handsome) for obvious reasons. He was found in deplorable shape; eyes ruptured, oozing and infected; starving and flea ridden, yet such spirit, he never stopped wagging. He is the poster child for PugHearts’ ingenuity and teamwork. People messaged, rallied, and stepped up to get him to Houston (inclement weather be damned) within 1 day, so he could get the emergency care he so desperately needed. Our gifted veterinary staff performed all necessary surgeries. Remarkably, he is heart worm negative. He is just 2 years old. Enter recovery. Here he will heal and learn to be the loved pet he’s never gotten to be. He is among other my blind rescues and our home is modified safe for them. Don’t tell these dogs they are handicapped; they do not know it. Blind dogs rock. Aside from the dangers of a pool, pokey or oft rearranged furniture, or a careless open door, they’re like any sighted dog. Someone commented on Vicente’s earlier post these 5 profoundly sweet words, “They see with their hearts…”…”

We’re honored to help contribute to his healing. If you’re interested in adopting Vicente, learn more here.