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Donation to Gratitude Gate Farm Sanctuary

It was with great interest that Pigs & Pugs read about the discovery of Victory, a small black piglet, found running around NW DC (where pig ownership is prohibited). After a diligent search by the team at Humane Rescue Alliance, Victory was located and safely transported to HRA’s New York Avenue facility. After determining that he had several puncture wounds, likely from a bite, Victory was given medical care and rested up before his journey to Gratitude Gate Farm Sanctuary, 250 acres of farm sanctuary heaven in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

As pigs like Victory can grow to be well over 100 pounds, Gratitude Gate will be a perfect spot for him to wander, snort, and live out a happy, hopefully muddy, life. Pigs & Pugs made a $200 donation to the sanctuary for Victory’s care (and feeding). We’re thankful to our friends at Gratitude Gate Farm Sanctuary for giving Victory another lap of life!