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Donation to Pacific Pug Rescue

Meet our latest $75 micro-grant recipient Kevin from Pacific Pug Rescue.
Here’s his story per Pacific Pug Rescue’s Instagram page: “Our most recent intake 11 year old Kevin came in last week, he was found as a stray and taken to Dove Lewis because he was in distress. There they found an extremely large bladder near bursting and poor Kevin was unable to urinate on his own. They had to put a catheter in him several times a day to empty his bladder so Kevin was kept in the hospital until his stray hold was up and then transferred to us. We are lucky enough to have a foster who is a vet tech and was able to give Kevin the extra medical care he needed. They were finally able to express his bladder and several bladder stones came out. Poor guy still is not peeing on his own yet, but at least we are able to express him now. His is not neutered so this has caused his prostate to be very large so we think that may be part of the issue. Kevin is a super happy pug and is taking all of this in stride. We will keep you updated on Kevin’s progress. If you want to donate towards Kevin’s medical bills you can go to”