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Helping Wrinkles and Homeward Bound Pug Rescue

Wrinkles the pug has a list of health challenges that would be daunting for any caregiver. In addition to dealing with diabetes, Wrinkles had his gall bladder removed, and continues to battle back a post-op infection. The care needed to get him healthy is expensive and can put a substantial dent in the budget of a small rescue like Oklahoma’s Homeward Bound Pug Rescue. But, as Homeward Bound’s Gail Tucker writes, doing this for Wrinkles is an easy choice:

If you had met Wrinkles you would understand why we continue to fight for his life. He is one of the sweetest pugs I have ever met and his will to live is surpassed by none. 

The Pigs and Pugs Project donated $50 towards Wrinkles’ ongoing care, which will likely cost many times that amount. Consider supporting Wrinkles with us by giving directly to Homeward Bound or supporting the Wrinkles GoFundMe fundraiser.