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2010 Grant Recepients

Nest, dedicated to changing the lives of women in developing countries, supports women artists and artisans in the developing world by helping them create sustainable entrepreneurial businesses. To do this, Nest provides micro-credit loans to assist with the purchase of materials necessary to begin and/or maintain craft-based businesses.

Girls on the Run of Washington, DC employs exercise, goal-setting, and mentoring to help girls realize leadership potential, build self-esteem, and hone their social skills. Upon completion of a curriculum and a 5K race, girls acquire a tangible sense of accomplishment, with the potential that they will continue to use physical activity and positive social etiquette as a way to evolve into their best selves.

Running Start educates young women and girls about the importance of politics, imbuing them with the skills they need to be leaders, giving women the “running start” they need to achieve greater political power. The Young Women’s Political Leadership Program introduces 50 high school girls to the importance of political leadership, and encourages the girls to channel their leadership into politics.

The Woodhull Institute is a nonprofit organization that provides professional development and leadership training for women. It provides weekend long retreats, free seminars, and a variety of resources for a community of over 2700 women professionals.

Miriam’s Kitchen’s mission is to provide individualized services that address the causes and consequences of homelessness in an atmosphere of dignity and respect, both directly and through facilitating connections in Washington, DC. It’s programming includes Miriam’s Studio, which gives its guests the opportunity to develop their self-expression, sense of empowerment and positive relationships.The guests are invited to participate in group activities such as Art Therapy and creative writing workshops, yoga sessions, knitting and geography classes, and advocacy groups.