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Brand New Day

tulipThe days that followed Senator Ted Kennedy’s passing last week were filled with analysis of his life, one of myriad accomplishments, but also one of setbacks, mistakes, and tragedies. What impressed me most about him was his ability to learn from each experience, move forward, and look ahead positively.

At last night’s yoga class, the instructor spoke of contentment.  Acknowledge your past, don’t worry about the future, but be content in this moment. This year, I’ve been pondering this idea. Why do I think of doing rather than do? What is holding me back from reaching my goals? Why do some of us, like Senator Kennedy, accomplish so much in life while others sit in front of the TV planning their impending accomplishments for…someday?

Listening to Senator Kennedy’s tributes revealed an an optimistic leader who was always present in the moment while striving toward his goals–be it passing legislation, being a good husband and father, or becoming a better man.  What’s important is now.

Taking that cue, I’ve focused on “being present” in yoga class and off the mat in my daily life.  I’ve been trying to change my habits to make the most out of every day. To do so,

  1. – Create and follow your mission statement.
  2. – List your goals, and envision your future how you want it.
  3. – But, most of all, be present in the moment and spend it positively.

So far, I find myself looking at challenging situations as opportunities to learn and improve, delving into my creative passions more frequently, and accomplishing goals that have been on my To Do List indefinitely. Often, the comfort of our routines, the distractions of our daily lives, and the fear of failure will hold us back from reaching for our goals. But that first leap into the unknown will likely bring that elusive sense of contentment we all crave.

How do you keep your inner sense of presence and peace throughout the day?

photo:(cc) tulip