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Unleash Your Creativity

crayonIt’s easy to forget to slow down amid the grind of daily life. Taking a break from your To Do List  and daily routines can be a relaxing relief and reminder of what’s truly important to you. Following your creative paths could help you find it.

For the last few weeks, I’ve felt that I’ve had no time–for yoga, for my hobby of drawing, for reading, for sleeping–lots of things one should not feel the need to note in a daily planner. So, I scheduled a day off today, determined to use it to get my life back on track–a tall order, I suppose, but one I plan on doing every so often.

I’d had three drawings in my head for the last three weeks that I finally finished late Tuesday night. I wouldn’t have noticed the time if it weren’t for my body’s growing complaints. Most of my creations are completed after midnight, when my hand refuses to continue holding markers. This, I realize, is the key to my new life plan.

Some of my friends tell me that they wished they were creative. They have no hobbies, they say, but I don’t believe them. Some are creative cooks or gardeners. Some are great writers and musicians. The other day at work in a strategic planning exercise, we were asked to create and test paper planes. Everyone perked up at the sight of construction paper, glue, and scissors.

Creative endeavors may unleash or reveal your true passion, and can lead to a world of opportunities. Think of this week’s LunaFest, a fantastic event showcasing films that were once a gleam in an artist’s mind. These filmmakers accomplished their projects through a determination, dedication, and spirit that’s in all of us. Schedule time to nurture your creativity and see what happens.

While my life transformation will likely not be completed today, a trip to the art supply store may be in order.