Pigs + Pugs Project

Tranquil Space Foundation’s second signature program, Pigs & Pugs Project, has been in development since 2016 and is a part of Tranquil Space Foundation’s shift to animal welfare issues, which have always been at the forefront of Kimberly Wilson’s mind and mission.

Pigs & Pugs Project raises awareness through special events such as film screenings and sanctuary visits and supports the work of pig sanctuaries and pug rescue organizations throughout the United States through micro grants.

Tranquil Teens


Tranquil Space Foundation’s signature program during its first decade was Tranquil Teens: Stretch Yourself. Tranquil Teens is a blend of mindfulness, creative activities, and leadership development designed to help girls 9th – 12th grade build healthy bodies and strong self-esteem.

This program was taught to over 600 girls in the Washington, D.C. area since 2007 by a team of volunteers and is currently being converted to an online program where we hope to serve many more women and girls. We have concluded the programming of Tranquil Teens and have released a complimentary eight-week facilitator’s toolkit to encourage the continuation of this work.

Download the TranquilTeens toolkit for free (PDF).